Who Are Level 5 Arborists?

Trees are an integral part of our lives. They provide us with everything including wood, food, shelter and even aesthetic beauty. Not only this, trees help us to live in this world since they provide us with oxygen that helps us to breathe. Now, arborists are the people who look after the trees and have experience in matters relating to trees. The fertilizers required by the trees, the exact amount necessary, the type of weather suitable for the trees to grow, the type of soil and many other issues are administered by the arborists. The level 5 arborists are the ones who have immense knowledge in the field of pest control; diseases inflicted on the plants, the methods of cure and other matters and have excelled in this field with years of expertise. It is required as a qualification for many types of the council and for filing reports.

The duties and responsibilities of a level 5 arborist

The primary duty of the level 5 arborist is to look after the trees, crops, etc. and file relevant documents for the safety measures and other things necessary for the proper growth of the plants. All the tests, proper cutting and using manure at the necessary time is entirely on the level 5 arborists. Another important issue an arborist has to keep in mind is the land ecosystems. Proper hygiene and coexistence of all the different types of plants and animals is the most required thing for the proper and healthy growth of the plants. The arborists have to keep in mind the factors that can affect the plant growth which may be as follows:

  1.    Parasites like worms and other wild weed may cause growth beside the crop and feed on it.
  2.    Grazing by the cows, sheep, and goats can cause the plant to die or can cause physical hazards.
  3.    Protection is required from harsh light and ultraviolet rays which may turn out to be bad for many types of trees.
  4.    There are a number of insects that kill the plant slowly.
  5.    Natural calamities such as storms, tornadoes, tsunami, etc.
  6.    Urbanization is a major problem here since it may lead to cutting down of trees at a very large scale and even exploit the wood and other resources.
  7.   The excess use of fertilizers and chemicals that might cause great harm to the crops and trees.

Qualifications required to be a level, five arborists

The most important qualifications required to be a level 5 arborist may be listed down as follows:

  1.    Proper knowledge on matters relating to trees such as the threats to growth, hygiene, and welfare of the trees.
  2.    Should have a legal degree in training regarding plants and trees.
  3.    Should have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in arboriculture.

These are the primary requirements to be a level 5 arborist. These qualifications are required for the proper management of the trees by the experienced group of professionals who can take care of the trees well.

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