Features and Importance of Service Marketing

The relationship and value is the two criteria’s for service marketing. Both the product and service is marketed by the service marketing. In fact the methods of marketing a product are entirely different from marketing a service. This is because of certain characteristics of service like intangibility, heterogeneity, perish ability and inseparability. It is also to be noted that in most of the countries if more concentration is given to the service sector, more income from the agriculture can be generated. In case of developed countries, more employment opportunities from the service sector are also generated.

The wide fluctuations in the demand for services are one of the factors which affect the marketing. For instance, the demands for tourism services are purely seasonal. The strategies used in the marketing must be based on these variations. Because of the non standardization of quality of service the pricing cannot be made similar. The factors affecting the pricing of services are the demand and competition. For instance, the rents charged for the rooms in tourists areas vary according to the fluctuations of seasons. Generally the customer gets the services directly from the provider. Services such as banks, hotels, hospitals give their services directly to the customer.

The main problems faced by the service provider in the marketing of services are noted here. A service is notable for demonstrations in normal cases. It is also to be noted that the different activities of services like sale, production and consumption take place in same time. The storage and demand anticipation of service is also difficult which prevents the service provider in assigning efficient marketing methods. The non standardization and inconsistency are also the reasons which prevent the efficiency of service marketing. However, the salesperson or the staff plays an important role so that proper training and motivation should be provided to them. This can enhance the easier improvement of quality of services.

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