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Relationship Problems

Relationships are complex, no matter how much couples love each other there are times where they will experience conflict.  Often this conflict is due to the expectations that each partner brings consciously or subconsciously to the relationship and/or the couple’s inability to communicate effectively with one another. Connective Counselling provides relationship counselling Rockingham services.


Whether or not we are aware of it, we bring expectations into our relationships and particularly into our romantic relationship.  It may come from what we observed in our parent’s marriage, what we see in our friends’ marriages or even what we see on TV.  We may not even be aware that we have an expectation from our partner until we find it being unmet. The problem with expectations is that we are at risk of being disappointed and hurt. Expectations put both partners under pressure and cause unnecessary stress on a couple.  The challenge is in deciding what are realistic expectations and how can they be effectively communicated between the couple.
Relationship Counselling

Most couples communicate, they talk to each other, express themselves on a daily basis but often they do not do this effectively. It is common within a relationship for partners to expect each other to just “know” what the other is feeling or thinking without the need to express it. Without effective communication any situation in which a couple may differ in their opinion will likely end up in an argument. Unfortunately most of us are not taught to effectively communicate and therefore this is a major problem in most relationships.

A few points to remember when you want to discuss an issue with your partner are:

  1. Don’t assume your partner knows what you are thinking and feeling; express this to him/her in direct and concrete terms.
  2.  Talk to your partner without blame or criticism.
  3. Be prepared to listen to what your partner is saying in return.


If you feel as if your relationship has reached a place where the two of you cannot resolve your differences alone then relationship counselling may be an effective way to help the two of you get back on track.