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There are many types of depression but the main two types are clinical and situational. They share a lot of symptoms such as feeling down, a change in appetite, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, hopelessness, change in sex drive for example.  The main differences between the two are that situational depression will occur during or after a stressful event and will usually go away once the stressor is removed where as clinical depression is not brought on by any event and lasts longer and is also often accompanied by suicidal thoughts.
Depression Counselling
Life can be difficult. Most of us face stressful situations on a daily basis; just turning on the evening news can cause us some distress when we are faced with the events of the world, let alone dealing with family problems, difficult co-workers, arguing with spouses, raising our children, money problems and more. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect that you can always deal with everything.

There are some things, which you can do for yourself if you feel you are experiencing depression. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, getting sufficient sleep, changing your outlook, talking to someone you trust and removing the stressor if possible are all very helpful. However if you find that the symptoms are not reducing then it is best for you to seek help. Talking to a counsellor may benefit you at this time.