Features and Nature of Oligopoly

Oligopoly is an important type of imperfect competition in economy. It is a market situation where there are few firms or sellers selling either differentiated or homogenous products. The term few sellers generally imply is the number of sellers ranging from two to ten. But it is not necessary that the number should be exactly […]

Features and Importance of Service Marketing

The relationship and value is the two criteria’s for service marketing. Both the product and service is marketed by the service marketing. In fact the methods of marketing a product are entirely different from marketing a service. This is because of certain characteristics of service like intangibility, heterogeneity, perish ability and inseparability. It is also […]

How Co-Ordination Become an Important Operation of Business Management?

The essence of management lies in the co-ordination processes in a business enterprise. The integrity of different actions by the human resource in the firm is connected and unified by co-ordination. The achievement of objectives of the firm has to be the common motive of the employees. Thus, the activities done by them should be […]