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Gratitude and Happiness

The simple act of gratitude can be transformational. Too often we examine our lives and life situations from a perspective of what is missing, what we would like to change or what we would like more of. So how can we cultivate more gratitude in our lives? If we simply look at what we do have and what is going right in our lives we can significantly alter our mood and our outlook which can improve our overall quality of life. Read More…

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Self Esteem: How to Like Yourself

You are the one person in your life that you cannot get away from, you are always with you, and therefore doesn’t it make sense to like yourself?
People confuse healthy self-esteem with arrogance sometimes. Arrogance is an inflated view of the self where as healthy self-esteem is knowing who you are, faults included and being okay with that, after all nobody is perfect. Read More…

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How to Maintain a Positive Outlook

Positive outlook

Sometimes in life it feels like things just aren’t going the way you would have hoped. Life throws us many challenges along the way; job loss, relationship breakups, financial stresses, loss of loved ones, raising children, bad news, the list can go on. The truth is that within our lifetime we are going to face many challenges so how do we keep a positive outlook in our lives? Read More…

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