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The concept of mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism but is becoming increasingly popular in western culture. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your awareness on the present moment. Most people are living their lives in the future or the past. The practice of past and future thinking can create a lot of stress, anxiety and unhappiness Read More…

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What is Anxiety and How to Help Manage it

Anxiety is a normal and healthy response to life events that require something more from you than your usual daily routine, such as a test you have to sit, a speech you have to make or a starting a new job, Your body has a built in “fight or flight” response which puts you in a state of hyper arousal, preparing you for action and allowing you to deal with a threatening situation, whether real or perceived. However for about 10% of the population, anxiety is more severe and prolonged, causing impaired daily functioning and resulting in an anxiety disorder. Read More…

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