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Counselling for Teens

Being a teenager is a time of learning and change. The transition from childhood to adulthood is not always smooth and can be difficult for both the teenager and parent.

Issues Faced by Teens

Teenagers face their own set of unique issues; high school can be difficult to navigate with peer pressure, bullying, exams, keeping up grades and being expected to know your future career. Relationships become more important than ever, new friendships form and old friendships end. Usually somewhere in your teens you experience first love and with this can come the first heartbreak. Body image can become a big problem during these years and it’s important that teenagers get some good advice about eating healthy, exercising and taking care of themselves.

Teenage counselling

Being a teen can feel confusing and lonely

With the advent of social media comes a new set of problems for parents of teenagers and the teens themselves. Cyber bullying has become a very real and large problem amongst teens, sometimes resulting in horrifying outcomes. Teens are at risk of being at the mercy of predators, who may pose as a teenager of the opposite sex, gain the teens trust and even suggest a meeting. Being online is part of socializing as teen and it may be difficult to monitor what your son/daughter is doing while still allowing the teen the privacy they require.

Transitioning from a child into an adult means hormones are going crazy in a teen’s body. This can produce mood swings, depression and anxiety amongst other issues.

Why Counselling?

It can be confusing to navigate the teen years; during this time the parent/ child relationship can become strained and tested. Sometimes you need someone to talk to whether you are the parent or the teen. Counselling can offer you an unbiased view on this stage of life and an opportunity to work through normal but difficult teen issues.


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