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Welcome to Connective Counselling a Rockingham counselling service located in Port Kennedy.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process that focuses on you and your well-being.  At Connective Counselling you will work alongside me, your counsellor in order to identify and improve core issues in your life that are currently keeping you “stuck”. You will be given the safe, confidential and non judgmental space to talk about your situation and to explore your feelings. Counselling is not about being given advice but instead offering you insights into your feelings and behaviour. The process helps to increase your self awareness and facilitate growth and self confidence which enable you to fulfill your potential.

What Can You Expect From Counselling?

  • A safe, confidential and private environment.
  • A supportive, empathetic and non judgmental service
  • A fully qualified and registered counsellor
  • Flexible appointments
  • Reasonable rates

What Can Be Achieved by coming to Counselling?

  • Increased self awareness and self confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved relationship with others and yourself
  • Enhanced coping and self help skills
  • Correcting and repairing painful events and memories
  • Rediscovering your passion for life and your inner happiness

The Counselling Process

This is the basic guidelines you can expect from the counselling process at Connective Counselling:

  1. Talking to me, telling your story and giving me background information.
  2. Identification of the core issues.
  3. Developing an action plan.
  4. Working together to give you insights into feelings and behaviour.
  5. Explanation and implementation on intervention strategies if required.
  6. Monitoring of interventions and behavioural and psychological changes.
  7. A review of your case, evaluating the journey from where you started and where you are now.
  8. The end of the therapeutic relationship.

Rockingham counselling

It can be a little frightening to make that first call and meet with your counsellor for the first time. Don’t worry, your counsellor understands this and will make the process as comfortable as possible for you.

If you think that counselling may assist you in any area of your life please feel free to contact me, Rowena Thakur, for an appointment, visit the contact page for details.